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Enrolling in Journey of Faith Christian School is accomplished by following these steps for first time or re-enrollment:


  1. Print out and complete the Registration Form. This form identifies you and your children for our records and provides a record of your agreement to the Statement of Cooperation. It also provides us, if applicable, with information on the school you are withdrawing from allowing us to fax a Record Request / Transfer Notice to that school.

  2. Please make your checks or money orders payable to Cynthia Hammontree.

  3. For those transferring from a public/private school, a Transfer Notice / Record request must be submitted to that school. Be sure to include the school information on your Registration Form. We will submit this notice/request once we receive your completed registration form. If you have already received your records from the school please indicate that when you mail in your registration. Any records sent to us will be forwarded to you for safe keeping. High school transcripts must be re-submitted to our office in your child’s senior year. Be sure to store them in a secure place.

  4. Graduating Seniors must submit a draft of their Official High School Transcript 60 days prior to graduation if college applications/scholarships require early submission of transcripts. Final grades must be submitted before a diploma will be issued.

  5. Should you later decide to transfer out of Journey of Faith you are required to contact us by phone or mail to inform us of your intentions. 

  6. You must re-enroll by the start of the school year in your school district. 

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