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Cynthia Hammontree

33 County Road 283

Stevenson, AL 35772 

School: 256-437-6317

Home: 256-632-3680

Cell: 256-601-0465

Office hours (for phone contact): 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday


Sponsoring Church

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Stevenson, AL

Mission Statement

We are a church school ministry of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Stevenson, Alabama. Our mission is to provide a Christian school education or covering for home schooling families throughout Alabama and to equip parents with the tools and support necessary to those who feel called to Christian Education or to home school their children. While a statement of faith is not required, we are a Christian covering and our mission is to provide a witness in our leadership and activities that would reflect a Christian attitude.


Journey of Faith Christian School is a school with a Christian Worldview, We prefer that at least one parent has experienced salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, we do not require it. We do not require weekly, monthly, nor yearly meetings but they are recommended when they are planned. Curriculum choice is up to the parent/child since all children learn things differently. We do require you send us 2 progress reports a year, January and June. Progress reports will help us to help you if and when you need help. Number of school days are between 140-180, the choice is up to the parent. We do not require testing since this is not mandatory, not all children are testers and we understand this.


Registration Fee for the coverschool is $125 per year per family...we offer a scholarship for those who need the assistance and payment plans, if needed. If you need to attend the school those fees are set up differently and you will need to contact the school for more information about are also available for the school, if needed.


We do have a support group that meets on a weekly and or monthly basis. We have co-op classes, fieldtrips, graduations, yearly awards for each student, transcripts, yearbooks, proms, and much more. We offer curriculum advice but we do not provide curriculum.

Additional Info

We open our meetings, co-op classes, and fieldtrips to all families. We do not charge extra for any of this unless a co-op class needs supplies. Donations are accepted for classes if you wish to give a donation, but it's not necessary.


Enrollment is open statewide in Alabama. A statement of faith is not required. Membership with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is recommended but not required.


Parent/Guardian Agreement:


  • I agree to purchase curriculum necessary for the teaching of my children. I will receive guidance from an advisor if necessary.

  • I agree to maintain a study plan/ schedule for each child during the school year. This plan will be made available to the school administrator / representative upon request.

  • I agree to maintain an attendance record/report for each child showing a minimum of 140-170 days of attendance.

  • I agree to submit two progress reports each year, Jan. 15 and June 15. These report forms will be provided in master copy form by the school administrator.

  • I agree to maintain files for each child in my homeschool. These files will contain, attendance report, progress report and curriculum completed each year.

  • I agree to contact school administrator before withdrawing from school.

  • I agree to not hold Journey of Faith Church School, Journey of Faith Cover School, the administrators of Journey of Faith, Faith Baptist Church, or anyone associated with the church and church school liable for any academic issues, accidents, or anything else that may arise.

  • I understand that all requirements, services, and fees can change at anytime.

  • JOF Christian School agrees to maintain communication and support with the family.

  • JOF Christian School agrees to provide a newsletter on a monthly basis, as it becomes necessary, with helpful information on home schooling. Activities that are planned will be listed in the newsletter. E-newsletters will be sent if e-mail is available.

  • JOF Christian School agrees that at least one meeting a year will be called and we suggest members to attend, but its not necessary. We strongly suggest you keep the children involved with activities and fieldtrips that are organized.


Journey of Faith does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its of its programs.

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